1/2 Beef (170 lbs) - starting at $1,559


A half beef will feed a family of four for about 9-12 months. It will fit in a freezer that is at minimum 5 cubic feet.

Shipping: This box will be shipped directly to your door, packed in a lined box with 100% recycled, 1″ insulator and dry ice to assure it is frozen upon delivery.*

Vacuum seal: Steaks are individually wrapped. Ground beef is wrapped in 1 lb packs. Vacuum seal lasts 2-3 years in the freezer.

Weight: Weight is minimum 170 lbs and includes bones for soup and broth**. These are the cuts included in a 1/2 beef (exact number of cuts can vary. Slight modifications are possible. Please call us to arrange this (503) 455-5290):

  • Rib steak (Bone in Ribeye): 7 lbs
  • Short ribs/Flanken: 8 lbs
  • Brisket: 8-10 lbs
  • Tenderloin: 2 lbs
  • Top sirloin: 2-3 lbs
  • Various steaks (Skirt, Hanger, Flank, Chuck eye, Flat iron, Denver, Carne asada): 9 lbs
  • Stew meat: 5 lbs
  • Meaty neck bones/Shank: 6lbs
  • Beef bones: 12 lbs
  • Ground beef: 75 lbs ( Want less ground beef? Check out our substitution options!)
  • Tri tip: 1
  • Beef Roasts (Chuck, Pot roast London Broil): 3-4 roasts, 3-4 lbs each
  • Club steak (Bone in NY): 6 lbs

Our Grass Fed Beef is dry aged for 2 weeks.

Aged for 21 Days, Grain Finished Beef

  • Pasture raised
  • Zero antibiotics
  • Zero added hormones
  • Butchered here in the Pacific Northwest

120 day grain finish which gives our 100% angus beef superior marbling, falling between choice and prime. It is dry aged for 21 days, giving it extra tenderness and flavor.

All cattle were raised utilizing intensive grazing methods to increase soil health and create a sustainable ecology on our ranches. We are very proud of our animal husbandry utilizing low stress livestock handling techniques. All of this together assists in creating an all natural beef that needs no antibiotics or hormones because they are surrounded by lush healthy vegetation and respectful people.Keith Nance, Owner Nexus Beef

* PLEASE NOTE: An order of a 1/2 beef will typically be shipped 7-9 weeks after order date. Any additional products ordered will be shipped with the whole beef. If you would like other items sooner, please make a separate order.

** This is an approximation. Variations in cuts may occur due to final weight of beef.

Additional information

Weight 170 lbs
Beef Finishing

Grain Finished, Grass Finished

11 reviews for 1/2 Beef (170 lbs) – starting at $1,559

  1. Chuck

    So far the beef we have had has a very delicious flavor and tender toasts burger is great for the grill!! Very pleased. Great job josh and family. We are loving your products!! We will be back to order more

  2. Kristina Marie Adams

    Great beef and wonderful people

  3. William Perdomo

    The Parkers are prompt, professional and communicative. I love dealing with them! This was my first big order of beef and they didn’t let me down! Delicious! So much so my large family gobbled a huge portion out of sheer excitement so I’m going back in for another serving. Thanks, guys!

  4. Christina

    Everything has such great taste so far! So happy to get this during this time. My family loves this beef!

  5. Ashanti

    Great product, packaged well. We underestimated our families need and they were wonderful in getting some of our future order out quickly. I feel good feeding my children well cared for animals and healthy local meat. Thank you!!

  6. Michelle Ouzts

    We ordered this about three months ago and received our order about a week ago. Everything we’ve tried so far just seemed high quality and tasted great. I know we couldn’t get this much with this quality for this price. We will definitely reorder.

  7. Nichole Shepard

    Our meat arrived frozen solid, packaged wonderfully. I haven’t tried every cut yet, but the steak, ground beef and New York steaks were all delicious! You really can tell the difference between grain and grass fed beef.

  8. Norma Davis

    Great people to work with.

  9. Billy Scholten

    Seriously outstanding, Top Quality Beef. This is my first adult bulk beef purchase, but I grew up eating grass fed from my parents farm, and this beef is every bit as good. Will be ordering a whole beef next year!!

  10. Laureano

    Fresh and tasty

  11. David

    on a scale of 1 to 10 oh my God this is an 11. I wont lie to you I was a little skeptical but boy was I wrong This is the best beef I think I have ever eaten. The flavor was amazing I would highly recommend this to anyone the service and people who own this company are super!

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Expedited shipping is available at an additional cost. Ships in about 4 weeks.

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