Tenderloin Steaks - Fillet (1/2 lb)

Tenderloin, from the loin, is the most tender cut of beef. It also has less fat marbling than some other cuts of beef.

Ships within one week of ordering.

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Tenderloin, from the loin, is the most tender cut of beef. It also has less fat marbling than some other cuts of beef.

Our beef is dry aged for 2 weeks.

Ships within one week of ordering.

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11 reviews for Tenderloin Steaks – Fillet (1/2 lb)

  1. Laurie Bush (verified owner)

    This tasted like a “fresh from the cow” tenderloin. I love fresh elk tenderloin and this is a step beyond.

  2. Nancy Ross (verified owner)

    We were very pleased with the price and the flavor of the beef.

  3. Susan Hoverson (verified owner)

    Wow these are amazing!
    Definitely will want more
    Also the pork box which was b/o arrived and sooo worth the wait
    Thank you

  4. Leah (verified owner)

    Very flavorful. I did pound it flatter so that it would cook faster and more evenly but that was my choice.

  5. Lucy Hicks (verified owner)

    Outstanding. Everything I ever order from them is outstanding

  6. christine knapp (verified owner)

    We are big steak-lovers, and pretty particular. These are good, but not what we would consider fabulous. The flavor is good, and you can tell these are “organic” in nature, but just not super-good.

  7. Earline Clason (verified owner)

    Will buy more meat from this farm.

  8. jeff latimer (verified owner)

    Steaks cooked up perfect, good flavor

  9. Sandra Velia (verified owner)

    We shared these filets with some very good friends of ours. The consensus was that these were the best steaks we have every tasted. They were tender, marbled perfectly and a big hit. We will definitely buy these again!

  10. Darlene Delmore (verified owner)

    Owners great to work with

  11. Kenton Erwin (verified owner)

    We love supporting this company. When I pay $35/lb for beef tenderloin, I expect it to taste great and be very tender. These taste good but are pretty tough. Disappointing. I eat grass-fed beef because it’s so much healthier than corn-fed, and yes grass-fed beef isn’t as easy to cook correctly. We did everything by the book (seared on hot skillet, then finished to medium rare in oven and used a thermometer) and the meat was cooked properly but its texture was tough. We look forward to trying the ribeye and NY strip, and also the beef ribs.

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