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Since we only sell premium steaks & roasts in our boxes, our ground beef is a combination of other quality roasts & steaks, such as sirloin. This gives our ground beef a superior taste compared to other grass fed/finished ground beef.

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Since we only sell premium steaks and roasts in our boxes, our ground beef is a combination of other quality roasts and steaks, such as sirloin. This gives our ground beef a superior taste compared to other grass fed/finished ground beef.

We have 4 different box sizes available for our delicious ground beef that is 80/20 protein/fat. You can also choose our lean ground beef (90/10) option.

The fat content in our standard ground beef is 20%: mostly from fat already in the beef, as opposed to added fat and cooks more like 90/10. Our ground beef is made from various cuts of beef not just leftover trim like most ground beef in the store and comes in one pound packages.

Our lean ground beef (90/10) is made from round roasts which creates a great flavor profile and even less left over grease.

Standard Ground Beef is packed in 1lb bags:

  • 10 lbs: $77.50 ($7.75/lb)
  • 20 lbs: $150 ($7.50/lb)
  • 30 lbs: $217.50 ($7.25/lb)
  • 40 lbs: $280 ($7.00/lb)
  • 50 lbs: $337.50 ($6.75/lb)

Lean Ground Beef is packed in 1lb bags:

  • 10 lbs: $87.50 ($8.75/lb)
  • 20 lbs: $170 ($8.50/lb)
  • 30 lbs: $247.50 ($8.25/lb)
  • 40 lbs: $320 ($8/lb)
  • 50 lbs: $387.50 ($7.75/lb)

Individual and box orders ship within 2 weeks from the date of order.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Box Size

Lean – 10 lbs: $8.75/lb, Lean – 20 lbs: $8.50/lb, Lean – 30 lbs: $8.25/lb, Lean – 40 lbs: $8.00/lb, Lean – 50 lbs: $7.75/lb, Regular – 10 lbs: $7.75/lb, Regular – 20 lbs: $7.50/lb, Regular – 30 lbs: $7.25/lb, Regular – 40 lbs: $7.00/lb, Regular – 50 lbs: $6.75/lb


  1. Sandra Hendrickson (verified owner)

    Very good! We very much prefer this product over the lean ground meat that can be purchased at any grocery chain store.

  2. Stacey Ak (verified owner)

    Really well packed and shipped, arrived all frozen. The beef tastes delicious! Fantastic grass-fed flavor!

  3. Chris Buffington (verified owner)

    Best ground beef ever. I’ve tried beef from many grass finished ranchers and this is simply the best.

  4. Ronda Bullis (verified owner)

    Very good quality and flavor.

  5. Jin G. (verified owner)

    I ordered a 40-lb box and split it with three other friends. The beef arrived in approx. 1-lb packages. This was one of the tastiest and most tender grass fed, straight from the farm ground beef I’ve ever had. It was delicious! So glad I found you guys!

  6. Brenna Dattel (verified owner)

    5 stars as always

  7. Lisa Erickson (verified owner)

    Great product. And great service!
    I’m a fan of all of the beef I’ve tried so far. I appreciate the package portions on the ground beef as well. Makes it easy to store, thaw, and prepare.

  8. Christopher Mitchell (verified owner)

    Great flavor and texture. I’ll be buying more.

  9. Ila Bartels (verified owner)

    Am cooking some right now for a casserole since I have no leftovers ….ate someplace else. Very good flavor!!!

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The beef if very good

  11. Mike Dobberthien (verified owner)

    Couldn’t wait for this to arrive. The minute it was thawed on the grille it went. It did not disappoint. What a great burger thanks to starting with top quality beef.

  12. Joel (verified owner)

    This beef is delicious. I was very pleased and a little surprised by how good it tastes. It goes to show you Oregon Valley Farm offers a grade of quality you can taste. I think the texture is great, too.

  13. Christopher Mitchell (verified owner)

    Great taste, great texture, once you tried this burger you’ll never buy grocery store burger again.

  14. Steve Cornett (verified owner)

    I ordered the 5ib box of Ground Beef, it was absolutely the best hamburger I’ve had. I will order again.

  15. Robert J Addyman (verified owner)

    Like your products but have to wait a month to receive products not so good and having send E-mails about shipping

  16. Lynn Frost (verified owner)

    Delicious ground beef. I love that it is grass fed and “grass finished”. I find it very difficult in the market place to establish whether or not the meat is truly grass finished. When I purchase meat from Oregon Valley Farms, I know I have excellent quality.

  17. Wayne Broadhead (verified owner)

    Took a while to arrive, but worth the wait.

  18. Wendy (verified owner)

    We love your beef

  19. Mike Collins (verified owner)

    Best beef I have ever ate.

  20. Thomas Shepard (verified owner)

    I sometimes bring my organic ketchup to the table but the ground beef taste is so delicious I don’t use it.

  21. Carole McAllister (verified owner)

    I have to say, we were really impressed. This ground beef made the best burgers ever!
    We are so happy we made this purchase.

  22. Shannon Geomans (verified owner)

    I love this ground Beef, it’s so lean . So much better than the store.

  23. Andrina Frank (verified owner)

    This ground beef is tasty, juicy,delicious!

  24. Lisa Wilson (verified owner)

    Ground beef from grocery stores has not tasted like real beef in years. This ground beef has a good flavor and texture. Pricey? Yep. But, considering we don’t eat beef often, this was worth it.

  25. Deb Bratland (verified owner)

    very tasty ground beef, finely ground and nicely packaged.

  26. Mary (verified owner)

    This is the best. So tasty, I will order again. When I get a stand alone freezer to hold more, I will certainly ordered er more.

  27. Elizabeth Jackson (verified owner)

    I have ordered grass fed ground beef from several different sources, but this is the best. I also love the plastic-free packaging of the 2-lb. bundles.

  28. Shannon Osborne (verified owner)

    We love the ground beef from Oregon Valley farms. The flavor is best we have ever had! We will be purchasing all of our ground beef here!

  29. Patty (verified owner)

    Impossible to use store bought ground beef after using Oregon valley farm ground beef!!
    It is the BEST anywhere!!

  30. Debra (verified owner)

    My second order of ground beef, and it’s just as good as the first. The ground beef makes the best grilled burgers! And I love the fine grind of the meat. Thank you!

  31. Jenifer Alexander (verified owner)

    Superb! I will not be getting meat anywhere else. Amazing quality and just delicious.

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