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$50 OFF your first order of $149 or more. 
Use Code: JOINUS50

You've been referred by a friend who is an existing Oregon Valley Farm customer.
Your $60 Referral credit is waiting for you in checkout! After your purchase your friend will also receive a $60 credit to their account. After purchase you can refer friends & earn your own $60 referral credit!

Grass Fed & Finished 1/8 Beef (42 lbs)

Tired of going to the freezer and running out of beef?? Does it make your heart happy to open it up and see stacks of beef? The 1/8 beef is great option if you have a smaller freezer it only takes up about a 1/4 of a side by side fridge freezer. Buying in bulk like this can save 30% or more over buying cuts individually! Make this a recurring subscription at checkout and you’ll save 15% more!!

42 lbs

  • 2-16 oz Rib steaks (Bone in Ribeye)
  • 2- 12 oz NY Strips
  • Short ribs 2 lbs
  • Brisket: 3-4 lbs
  • 2-6 oz Tenderloin steaks
  • 6-8 mixed steaks (Skirt, Top sirloin, Hanger, Flank, Chuck eye, Flat iron, Denver, Carne asada)
  • 2 packs Stew meat
  • Beef Shank(mini roasts) 2 lbs
  • Beef bones: 3-4 lbs
  • 1 Beef Roast (Chuck, Pot roast or London Broil)
  • 16-18 lbs Ground beef or substitutions


Now save 7% on your order by selecting Local Pickup, located in Albany Oregon, at checkout!

4 lbs of 1/3 lb patties.

Get 1 lb of pepproni sticks.

Get 3lbs of mixed steaks (Rib Steak, Top Sirloin, NY, Chuck Eye, Tenderloin, Sirloin Cap)

Get 4 lbs of 1/4 lb all beef brats.

Get 3 1 lb packs of all be breakfast links

Get 4 lbs ground beef no bones

Additional information

Weight 43 lbs
Which kind of beef?

Grass Finished, Grain Finished

27 reviews for Grass Fed & Finished 1/8 Beef (42 lbs)

  1. bayshorecabinet

    Great value, really like the quality and service.

  2. Verna Knapp

    This is delicious beef. Far tastier than grocery store beef. My only complaint is that there is no fat in the hamburger. I’d like the option to have a high fat hamburger. I’ll just have to use this in different recipes, ones with lots of sauces. With high fat hamburger, I can cook it by itself and it will not be dry. It is very tasty, though. I did have to look up carne asada on the internet to figure out what it is so I’d know how to cook it. I will definitely be buying this again.

  3. chris scott

    I have enjoyed all the different cuts of beef! Nice marbling on the steaks and no fat in the hamburger. Highly recommend!

  4. Ellpfa

    Best way to produce beef. Thanks so much. I live close by and would like the option to pick up my order, the delivery person left the package by the mailbox by the road instead of delivering it to our driveway.

  5. Abby M.

    I’m enjoying the grass-fed beef that we received from Oregon Valley Farms. The meet is juicy and tender and has less fat than store bought meet. I will no longer be buying meet at the stores. Grass fed beef for me and my family moving forward. Thank you OVF!

  6. Caroline Buchanan


  7. keith e Connors

    like the paper that they wrap the meat with. wish we could customize a little more but I also just don’t have room for a real freezer or else I would buy larger orders. this beef taste so much better and we all feel full sooner.

  8. Debra Adderley

    The meet arrived well frozen. Has good flavor but the steaks are tough with big layers of fat.

  9. Aanund Duris

    Excellent! We will be ordering again in the near future with 1/4 beef this time.

  10. Clark Five Design

    Meat has great flavor and tenderness.

  11. Linda ONeal

    love the beef, excellent burger, very flavorful, one of the types of steak was a bit grissely, we have ordered twice and love the quality and the fact that the meat is raised cleanly and responsibally

  12. Kristy Kelley

    It’s great to get home grown beef again, I was raised on it. It’s amazing how different home grown is compared to store bought these days. So far the beef that we’ve cooked up all tastes really really good.

  13. Lorraine Lance

    I did not expect to receive 18 pounds of ground beef, and so little of the other types of beef. The flavor is great, but I expected a few more steaks and not 5 pounds of bones. I have no use for the bones, and did not expect that to be part of what I paid for. As I stated the taste is great but what you sent is certainly not worth what I paid for, even with a coupon. Too much ground beef and bones….

  14. Michael Nash

    product received as scheduled. I opted for the freezer vacuum sealed option and couldn’t have been happier. The beef is so tender and is the taste is amazing. I will be buying again. Easy to recommend to anyone who wants quality beef at a good price.

  15. Joni

    Very good quality and price!

  16. Lisa Blakeney

    I am enjoying my beef. The only negative at all is the fact that I got way too much ground beef, which is my least favorite of all meat, but I will share with others. Thank you, next time, I’ll get a 1/4 beef.

  17. Jaime Lizada

    Came just as this quarantine started and i couldn’t be happier. Quality of the meat is top notch. We are going to be ordering again as soon as we use it all.

  18. Linda ONeal

    I feel blessed to have found Oregon Valley Farms on FB. In getting healthy I wanted to try grass fed clean meats and this beef is amazing, the flavor is wonderful and service top notch

  19. Chih

    Overall happy with the quality and freshness of the beef. At first, I was a bit annoyed that there was a few weeks delay in receiving the beef, but the customer service was great in responding and making sure I got my order. Once I go through the beef, I’ll most likely order another one, maybe even order their pork products!

  20. L. Kove

    I am a vegetarian but my family eats only grass fed meat from this company due to good quality.

  21. Omar Vargas

    Great value. Very fresh meat. Comes packaged in vacuumed sealed single servings. Will fill just under half of the freezer of a 36 inch fridge. We worth the wait time. After receiving the beef I was so pleased that I ordered a small pork box. Fresh, great flavor, won’t buy meat anywhere else.

  22. Debra Nelson

    Best meat ever!

  23. Sue Sample

    So far we have just tried a steak and hamburger. Both were excellent!

  24. Anthony

    Very well packaged and my family can taste the quality!

  25. Henry Thysell

    We’ve only have eaten the ground beef so far but it was excellent.

  26. Grace

    The quality of the meat is great! We have especially been enjoying the ribs!

  27. Wendy

    We plan on purchasing our meat from OVF again..

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