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Affordable small farm organic and grass fed meat.

Oregon Valley Farm is a family business that ships the following products nationwide with love:

• Grass Fed Beef
• Grass Fed & Finished Beef
• Organic Beef
• Non-GMO Grain Fed Beef
• Organic Chicken
• Organic Turkey
• Non-GMO pork

Confidence is knowing how your meat was raised!

We believe in eating meat that is sustainably and ethically raised. It is not only good for our bodies, but we are pretty thankful to be living on this big sphere we call earth and want to honor what God has given us by taking care of it. Because of this we believe in raising happy animals that are well cared for.

Oregon Valley Farm is located in the beautiful Willamette Valley and was born out of a desire to help others gain access to affordable meat that is of the highest quality, free of antibiotics and added hormones as well as no mRNA vaccines. We take a “nose to tail” approach that utilizes the full animal including organ meats, bones, fat and tallow body butter in our product offerings.

We are proud to partner with local farms that meet our strict standards for ethically raised meat, and hold to the promise of grass fed and finished beef (we do offer grain finished as well) along with pasture raised pork and chicken with no antibiotics, added hormones or mRNA vaccines.

Tyler Dawley

Meet The Farmer

Tyler Dawley and his family raise organic chickens in the Northern California countryside. " Our chickens are pasture-raised with movable hoops outside. They get to run outside in the sun. They eat grass and dig bugs.

We are raising chickens the way they are meant to be raised. And that quality of life translates into the quality of the chicken.”

Oregon Valley farm is proud to help support local farmers like Tyler. Changing the world one farm at a time.


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